Travel Guide | Daet, Camarines Norte

Daet is the capital of the province of Camarines Norte in the Philippines. It is known as the “Gateway to Bicolandia”.  It is a popular surfing spot among surfers worldwide. It is also home to the annual Daet International Aerosports Show.

Daet was derived from the Bicol word dai-daitan which means, close to each otherAccording to the first Bicol Spanish Dictionary Vocabulario dela Lengua Vicol authored by Fray Marcos de Lisboa, it means “to make friend” or “to be reconciled”. The municipality is rich in non-metallic mineral resources such as white clay.

The provincial capitol of Camarines Norte in the town of Daet

Points of Interest

Most Holy Trinity Cathedral: Built and was inaugurated in 1984. It is also the cathedral of the Diocese of Daet.

Parroquia de San Juan Bautista: Established in 1611, it is one of the first church in Camarines Norte in the region built by the Franciscan Friars.

Oldest Rizal Monument: The first monument in honor of a Filipino hero, Dr. José Rizal which was unveiled on December 30, 1898.

Bagasbas Beach (Featured Image): Famous for its surfing and kite boarding spot with its long stretch of coastline.

The 405-year old Paroquia de San Juan Bautista church
First ever Rizal monument

How to go to Daet, Camarines Norte?

From Manila, you can travel by land and take the 8-hour bus ride bound for Daet (Superlines, DLTBCo or PhilTranco) and get off at Daet town proper.

Some sweet delicacies in Daet

*For places to stay in Daet, many cheap hotels are within the town proper. You can ask for assistance to the municipal office which is just across the oldest Rizal Monument.

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