Travel Guide | Baler: Birthplace of Philippine Surfing

Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora in the Philippines. It is located on the northeastern portion of Luzon on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, an extension of the Philippine Sea. It is known as the “Birthplace of Philippine Surfing” as waves as high as nine feet serves as its main tourist asset for surfing from September to February. It is also home to some magnificent geographic formations and historical sites.

At the Baler Plaza

Most Popular Spots In Baler

Sabang Beach: Fun waves-not usually big, except during typhoons. The beach is a good site for beginner and novice surfers.

Cloudy day at Sabang Beach

Cemento Beach: The area produces excellent quality right break waves over sharp reefs. It is one of the spots most frequented by Australian, European and Japanese surfers in Aurora.

View of Cemento Beach from Ermita Hill

San Luis Obispo Parish (Baler Catholic Church):  Famous for the Siege of Baler in 1898–1899 between the Philippine Revolutionary forces and Spanish troops during the Philippine Revolution and Spanish–American War.

Baler Church

Doña Aurora Memorial Shrine: The ancestral house of former President Quezon’s wife. The province of Aurora was also name after his wife.

Inside Doña Aurora house

Museo de Baler: Showcases the province’s artifacts and memorabilia about its culture and history.

Facade of Museo de Baler

Ermita Hill: It is the highest point of Baler overlooking the entire Baler Bay.

Tromba Marina, the marker at the foothill of Ermita Hill to commemorate the many lives lost during the devastating tsunami that hit Baler in 1735

Aniao Islets: The stunning rock formations of Diguisit Beach located in Barangay Zabali. It is 15 minutes away from Baler town proper.

Magnificent view of the islets

Balete Tree: The century old tree in Maria Aurora. It has a huge opening which you can enter.

The Balete tree in Maria Aurora

Diguisit Falls and Ditumabo Falls: Two popular falls in Baler. The former in Barangay Zabali while the latter in Barangay San Luis which is also dubbed as the “Mother Falls.”

Where to stay in Baler?

For accommodations in Baler you can check here or you may wish to contact Aurora Provincial Tourism Office thru: Mobile: +63 (921) 320-7015 and Email: for further assistance.

Pakumbon(L) and Baler Suman(R) : Popular local delicacies in Baler 

How to go to Baler, Aurora?

By Private Vehicle: From Manila, enter the North Expressway at Balintawak and exit at Sta. Rita Bulacan. From there, follow the highway leading to Cabanatuan City, Nueva EcijaFrom Cabanatuan City Proper, follow signs leading to Bongabon until you come to a fork, where you see a sign “to Baler” headed right. Turn right and you will reach the foot of the Baler-Bongabon highway which eventually runs right into Aurora National Memorial Park. After approximately 150 kilometers, you will see the Aurora Welcome Arch. Proceed until you reach the town of San Luis. Stay on the highway until you see the sign going to Baler, and you will be in its town proper within minutes.

By Public Transport: Genesis Transport Bus provides the only direct route to Baler from Metro Manila. Its terminal is located along EDSA in Pasay City.

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TheTravelad personally writes his blogs for informational purposes. All photos and content provided in this blog are owned by TheTraveLad. Photos may not be used without permission. For more comments and suggestions, you can send an email to

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