Fort San Pedro: The Oldest Fort In The Philippines | Cebu City, Cebu

The tri-bastioned Fuerza de San Pedro or commonly known as Fort San Pedro is located at Plaza Independencia in Cebu City. It is the oldest fort in the entire Philippines where the first construction is said to have started in 1565.

Signage near the entrance of the historical Fort San Pedro
Photos telling the story how Cebu was founded

The fort which served as a military defence structure in Cebu to repel Moro raiders was built by the Spaniards under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The two sides of the triangular-shape fort face the sea while the third side is fronting the land.  The three bastions are named La Concepcion, Ignacio de Loyola, and San Miguel. It has a total inside area of 2,025 square meters. The walls are 6.1 meters high by 2.4 meters thick, and the towers are 9.1 meters high from the ground level.

Army Camp turned mini garden inside Fort San Pedro
One of the turrets of the tri-bastioned fort

At present, part of the fort is a museum where Spanish documents, artefacts, sculptures, paintings, swords and other weaponry are being displayed.

Replica of Spanish fleets inside the fort’s museum
Old Spanish flag found during the old revolution battle

How to get to Fort San Pedro?

The fort is located near the pier area of Cebu City. If you’re coming from Manila, there are numerous daily flights going to Cebu via Mactan-Cebu International Airport  in Lapu-Lapu City. From the airport you can take a cab and asked the driver to take you to downtown Cebu City at Plaza Independencia where the fort is located.


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