Travel Guide | Calamba City, Laguna

Calamba City, Laguna is the regional center of the CALABARZON (CAvite, LAguna, BAtangas, Rizal, QueZON provinces) region in the Philippines. It is the birthplace of Jose Rizal, National hero of the Philippines. The Buhayani Festival in June is yearly celebrated by town locals since 2014 in commemoration of Rizal’s birthday and martyrdom.

Places of Interest

Aside from its numerous hot spring resorts which are mostly located in Barangay Pansol, these are the tourist destinations in Calamba:

Jose Rizal Shrine: The Spanish-Colonial style house in Calamba, Laguna where Jose Rizal was born on June 19, 1861. It is located along Mercado Street and Rizal Street in Poblacion, Calamba.


The Calambanga: The large pot (banga) built in 1939 which symbolizes the name of Calamba City. The barangays in Calamba were inscripted around the pot.  It is located just across Rizal Shrine.


Saint John The Baptist Church: The church was constructed in 1859. It is place where Jose Rizal was baptized. A copy of Rizal’s certificate baptismal which has been preserved and refurbished can be seen inside the church.


Aplaya: The so called “Baywalk of Laguna” located in Barangay Lingga just few minutes away from poblacion area. The first thing you see once you arrive is the beautiful view of Sierra Madre mountain and the part of Laguna Lake.


*One can also visit the 2nd tallest Rizal monument in Barangay Real and the Bahay Ni Maria Calmaba Foundation in Barangay Sampiruhan which is not only a house for elderly but also a home of abandoned and mistreated children.

How to go to Calamba, Laguna?

There are bus terminals located in Edsa-Cubao and Buendia-Taft Avenue. These buses ply the Manila-Sta. Cruz, Laguna route and will pass by Calamba crossing. Travel time is usually 2 hours without traffic.

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