D’ Japanese Tunnel | Davao City

There are quite a number of discovered tunnels in Davao City, Philippines but this tunnel along the Diversion Road has become one of the major tourist attractions of the city. At D’ Japanese Tunnel Family Resort, you will find this 300-meter deep tunnel which dated back during the World War II.

Entrance at the tunnel

The tunnel was accidentally discovered by the owners of the land while constructing a hotel. They were excavating the area when they uncovered passageways and rooms underneath the land, and soon discovered that those were tunnels used by the Japanese soldiers during the war. The tunnel was carved out of the hilly section of Matina Balusong. It is said that it was used by the Japanese as a hide-out, and as a means of transporting their equipment and mobilizing their forces against the American liberating army.

One of the passages within the tunnel

Several life-sized statues of Japanese soldiers can be found inside the tunnel. Various vintage weaponries found during the discovery are also displayed inside the tunnel such as machine guns, bombs, explosives, and several ammunition and bullets. Deeper into the tunnel are compartments of water bankers, and makeshift offices used by the Japanese soldiers, and a dungeon for the prisoners of war. A chapel as well, where a replica of a Golden Buddha and gold bars can be seen.

Some of the several Japanese statues found inside the tunnel
The Chapel with a Golden Buddha
Various vintage weaponries inside the tunnel

How to get to D’ Japanese Tunnel?

The location which is in Diversion Road, Matina Balusong is easily accessible by public or private transportation. It is only 20 minutes drive from downtown city proper. Entrance fee to the tunnel is 50 pesos.

What else can you see?

Since the location is actually a resort, a three-storey hotel with a number of air-conditioned rooms suitable for families is in there. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves delectable Chinese, Filipino and Japanese dishes, including Western steaks.

The three-storey hotel
View of the pool area and restaurant


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