Travel Guide: Corregidor Island

Exploring Corregidor Island has been on my bucket list for a long time. The tadpole-shape Island of Corregidor is one of the well-known tourist destinations near Manila.

Corregidor Island Map

During the 23rd PTTA TravelTour Expo in Pasay City last February 2016, I checked on Sun Cruises Inc. which is the most convenient way to get to the island. At their booth, I’ve got the chance to book a day-tour package at a 25-percent discount and a free Manila Bay Cruise alongside it. How about that?

A glympse of the 23rd PTTA TravelTour Expo in Pasay City last February 2016

Travel Lesson Alert: For travelers looking for an adventure and are on a tight budget – Do not ignore Travel Expos! Grab the chance to check them out ‘cause they really have some good deals. Tipid factor can be high too.

Tourists can travel to Corregidor Island any time of the year except when there is inclement weather condition. I heard of this route from Bataan going to the island but I don’t know if it’s the safest way. I strongly recommend going to the island hassle-free by making a reservation through Sun Cruises Inc. Check out for more information.

The Ferry Terminal of Sun Cruises going to Corregidor is in Esplanade Seaside Terminal at Seaside Blvd, MOA Complex so getting there isn’t that hard. I went at the terminal around 6am during the travel day as I don’t want to be late and left behind. Check-in time is an hour prior to departure and strictly closes 30 minutes before the time of departure.

Esplanade Seaside Terminal at the Seaside Blvd of MOA Complex in Pasay City
The Dock Area

We went aboard 7AM. The MV Sun Cruises 2, a two-deck fleet, carried us to the island. It has a maximum capacity of 285 passengers. It is equipped with snack bars, comfort rooms and a television set where clips of Corregidor Island are shown. Crews are also present to assist the needs of the guests.

Early bird inside the  MV Sun Cruises 2

So we departed at the ferry terminal exactly 8AM and after almost 1 ½ hours of cruise, we’ve finally reached the Corregidor. At the dock of the island, tramvias (buses) are waiting to pick up guests for a guided tour. Scenes from the history-packed 5 ½ hours tour to Corregidor Island will be on my next blog post.

The tour buses or the so called ‘tramvias’


Corregidor Day-tour Itineray

Check-in time & Boarding time                               7:00AM
ETD Manila                                                                  8:00AM
ETA Corregidor (Guided tour with Lunch)           9:15AM
ETD Corregidor                                                           2:30PM
ETA Manila                                                                  3:45PM


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